Darryl Scarborough comes from a working class family and is the first and only member of his family to graduate college. Darryl knows first hand the struggle of balancing a budget and is no stranger to hard work. While attending college and playing collegiate sports, he also held a part-time job at a local furniture store. 

Darryl has served his country and is a veteran of the Army National Guard. While on deployment in Kosovo he gained insight into policy making while working with the Kosovar population as a Government Specialist on the Liaison Monitoring Team in Kosovo. He saw the need for effective policy and assistance to guide citizens to a safe and prosperous society.

Upon his return home, Darryl decided he would rather become a policymaker than be an instrument of policy. He saw the need for a voice at all levels of government, a voice that speaks for the people and not at them. Darryl believes we need policymakers that work with others of all political loyalties and policies that work for all the people, not just for major contributors or their own interests. As a veteran, Darryl has experienced an establishing democracy in a new country in which he developed the experience and skill to lead through government gridlock and bring fresh ideas and innovation to the capitol.

When Darryl returned from deployment, he started working right away on becoming involved with his community. Darryl has been appointed by the state of Minnesota to serve on various council boards. The most recent was the Council on Minnesotans of African Heritage. Darryl has championed and taken issues to the capital, such as assisting foreign doctors to achieve medical residency.

Darryl is running for the State-Senate Seat in SD47, because he wants to bring the voices of the people and their interest to the capitol and help businesses thrive.

Darryl Scarborough works for the State of Minnesota as a Management Analyst. He has a Bachelor’s of Science from the Minnesota State University Moorhead. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Mary and is a Policy Fellow at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota. Darryl enjoys outdoor sports and resides with his wife Magen in Chaska.


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